Gauges Application Guidelines

For more details on the gauge application process and the veCAKE system in general, please refer to our respective documentation here and here.

To propose a gauge to enable, please create a Topic in the Gauges Category with the template below:

Example Title: Enable ABC/XYZ (0.25% fee tier) V3 gauge on BNB Chain


  • A brief overview of the proposal’s key points


  • Information on the token(s) / PM (Position Manager) vault(s), and the relevant protocol(s) behind the token(s) / vault(s)

  • Explain the intention behind the proposal (e.g. you intend to bribe $X over Y duration)


  1. Boost Multiplier and Emission Cap %: (Unless there are special circumstances, the default is 1.00x boost multiplier and 0.5% emission cap)

  2. Audits: Provide links to relevant audits

  3. Token Utility: Describe what the token is used for (current and future uses)

  4. Volatility: For pegged tokens, have they depegged before? Please explain what happened and what actions were taken to mitigate them, if applicable

  5. Oracles: Are oracles used for the protocol, token, or the Position Manager vault? If yes, please share what and how the oracles are used

  6. Control: Which address holds the private keys to the token contract or the Position Manager vault contract? If it’s a multisig, please indicate: X of Y signers needed for transactions

  7. Merit: How will this proposal benefit PancakeSwap (fees, marketing, users, etc.)?

  8. Vault Strategy (for Position Managers only): What strategy does the vault use? Broadly, how does it work? Please share documentation if possible


  1. Token address

  2. Liquidity pool address

  3. Position manager vault address (if applicable)

  4. Website

  5. Socials

  6. Documentation

  7. Github

  8. Any other relevant links


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