MASTER THREAD: Community Suggestions for New Project Gauges

Hey PancakeSwap Family,

This community has been our greatest asset, coming up with some of the best suggestions.

We have seen many project suggestions over the years, and now with discourse, we have a way to structure these ideas.

Please provide the following information when suggesting project teams we should reach out to:

  1. Project Name
  2. Project Websites (app page, twitter, tg etc.)
  3. Tracker Page for Project (CMC, CG preferred, if not dexscreener or any onchain analytics is fine)
  4. Short reason as to why we should reach out / list the project

BEFORE MAKING A SUGGESTION, please search this thread to see whether it has already been made. If so, either add your comments as a reply, or just click the like button to indicate assent.

Please note that this is not an expedited process for process listing – if a community suggestion is appropriate, we will reach out to the project team and conduct necessary due diligence and negotiations.

Let’s get cakin’!


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Suggestion provided from twitter user @crypto99435

  1. BRC20.COM
  3. price today, .COM to USD live price, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap
  4. [I’m assuming the reason] Increase accessibility of hot ordinal tokens



i would assume there is already a plan to add a CKP pool. can we add the offical CAKEpie pools when they go live in a month or so.,


Special lottories for New Years’s.


hi sir! This is a space to indicate new projects for the gauges and not for new products or promotions. Please pay attention to the theme of the topic.


1 - Brazilian Digital Token
2 -
3 - Brazilian Digital Token price today, BRZ to USD live price, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap
4 - the largest stablecoin backed by Brazilian fiat currency. They are listed on bybit and have liquidity on the bnb chain in other dexs and add bribes there constantly. It would be interesting to facilitate and attract Brazilian users. And also for those who want to expose themselves to the Brazilian currency and economy, given the focused on exporting commodities and agricultural products.


maybe the lottery rewards should be added to the gauge rewards and then the lottery can be a option on the gauge voting.

提议: Pancakeswap增加链上代币授权查询&解除授权功能

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Interesting, I’ll reach out to the team.

Thanks for this Juapia!


1 - StaFi Protocol
2 - stafi(.)io
3 - coinmarketcap(.)com/currencies/stafi/
4 - StaFi is a liquid staking service provider on the EVM and Cosmos Ecosystem built with interoperability and collaboration in mind allowing users to utilize their staked assets across multiple ecosystems. StaFi is currently listed on top CEX’es such as Binance and Coinbase and is a constant briber to a number of ve(3,3) dexes, To increase accessibility to multichain LSD’s and partners that are constant bribers that would help in growing the ve(3,3) ecosystem

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  1. Osaka protocol
  2. Website: ; X: @osakaprotocol ; tg: Osakaprotocol ; gitub: osakaprotocol
  3. coingecko: osaka-protocol ; coinmarketcap: osaka-protocol
  4. Solid crosschain project with deep liquidity and consistently high volumes, looking to put some bribes for veCAKE voters
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自从 Gauges 投票系统上线以来,目前已经覆盖 BSC、ETH、ARB、zkS。很高兴看到社区治理农场排放。但也引发了一个担忧,我们无法第一时间跳过 Gauges 投票系统上线热门交易对。例如 12月27日,热门代币 MUBI、SATS、ORDI 登录 BSC,我们却无法第一时间为其提供农场,吸引 TVL,使其带来更大的交易量。
Hello community friends,
Since the Gauges voting system was launched, it currently covers BSC, ETH, ARB, and zkS. It’s great to see communities taking control of farm emissions. But it also raises a concern that we cannot skip the Gauges voting system and launch popular trading pairs immediately. For example, on December 27, popular tokens MUBI, SATS, and ORDI were logged into BSC, but we were unable to provide farms for them immediately to attract TVL and bring greater transaction volume.
To this end, I suggest that the kitchen open a channel for the farm to quickly go online for popular tokens that may appear in the future!


1 - Illuvium
2 -
3 -
4 - It looks like they are close to the full launch of the game. They are among the most anticipated blockchain games. They have been maintaining interesting volume in onchain transactions in other dexes on the eth network. I think it could be interesting to attract volume on the eth network.

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  1. Project Name: Success Kid

  2. Project Websites:
    WWW: https:// successkid(.)fun/
    Telegram: https:// t(.)me/successkidbnb
    Twitter: https:// twitter(.)com/SuccessKidBNB
    TikTok: https:// www(.)tiktok(.)com/@successkid
    YT: https:// www(.)youtube(.)com/@SuccessKidBNB
    Reddit: https:// www(.)reddit(.)com/r/SuccessKidBNB/

  3. Tracker Page for Project:
    https:// coinmarketcap(.)com/currencies/success-kid/
    https:// coinpaprika(.)com/waluta/sccs-success-kid/

  4. Short reason as to why we should reach out / list the project:
    We are going multichain in May, we need a movement and a community to change the world. More information on the project website!

More: The Success Kid project on the Binance Smart Chain network is a BEP20 memecoin that refers to the iconic 2007 meme of a child holding a squeak in a clenched hand. This project is an example of a memetoken that was introduced to the cryptocurrency market as a playful form of investment aimed at bringing a smile to users’ faces.

One aspect of Success Kid is that purchase transactions are free, meaning that users are free to acquire these memetokens at no additional cost. However, there is a fee of 10% when selling tokens, which is spent on burning. This burn mechanism contributes to reducing the total supply of Success Kid, which can affect price stability and project value retention. To ensure the effectiveness of sales transactions, it is recommended to set a slippage tolerance of 12%.

Initially, the Success Kid project launched with a total supply of 100 billion tokens. However, on the first day after the launch, 5.8 billion tokens were burned. This burn operation had a huge impact on Success Kid’s supply, reducing it and affecting the price in the market. Reducing the supply may lead to a potential increase in the value of the tokens held.

It is worth noting, however, that Success Kid has no real use in the traditional sense. It is a memecoin in the full sense of the word. Its value to the community lies in the humor and nostalgia associated with the original meme. Success Kid is a cheerful initiative that refers to memories and emotions associated with a dose of humor.

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Hey everyone,

I’m currently working with a project that has tokenized uranium. I want to see if there is an opportunity to collaborate with PancakeSwap and hear feedback on the project itself, which is called Uranium3o8.

Our goal is to democratize ownership of uranium by providing stability, value, and easier access to a commodity that is growing in importance.

As clean energy comes into focus, nuclear power has become a pillar of these efforts, driving a transformation in the uranium market with nearly two-dozen countries pledging to triple nuclear energy capacity by 2050. Spot uranium is up ~120% since the start of January 2023, and represents an uncorrelated asset with the potential to outperform other asset classes for the foreseeable future, according to Morgan Stanley.

The uranium market is unique from most other commodities, where it does not trade in commodity spot and futures markets like gold or copper (think COMEX or LME). This lack of an open spot and derivatives markets leads to inefficient pricing, where supply contracts are negotiated with undisclosed terms in OTC markets between utilities and institutional traders and the miners who supply the commodity. Basically, what this boils down to is that, if one wants to trade price exposure to uranium directly, you can’t obtain exposure like you can by trading gold or silver futures.

We aim to create a transparent, liquid uranium market that disintermediates third-party brokers and enables secure delivery of physical uranium for eligible participants, while also introducing a novel on-chain, tokenized Real-World Asset (RWA) for enhanced diversification.

We’re also building a market for perpetual swaps and other derivatives, responding to the absence of a such vehicles in the traditional uranium market. By utilizing the $U token, we seek to provide both long and short exposure through a variety of new products that enhance market liquidity.

I see countless opportunities for collaboration, please let me know your thoughts.

Here is our website, Twitter, and TG:

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Hi sir @Uranium3o8! I moved your post to the correct topic.

If you want to enable the possibility of having a farm. Make an application to have a gauge to compete for the vecake for the project farm here:

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