Community Guidelines

Welcome to PancakeSwap's Forum!

This forum serves as a discussion platform for all things related to PancakeSwap’s governance.

Please adhere to these community guidelines while you’re here on the forum.

1. Chefs/Admins/Moderators won't send you private messages

If you receive private messages from Chefs, Admins, Moderators, Support, Helpdesk, etc., it's likely a scam. Don't jump to the shared links, simply report and block them.

2. Never share your seed phrase and private key with anyone

PancakeSwap will never ask for your seed phrase / private key. If you're asked, you are most likely being scammed. Also, scammers may ask for it "to recover your wallet" / "to resolve your issue in the wallet" ...whatever the reason is, it's most likely scam! We advise you to report, block, and ignore them.

3. Be aware of fake sites

Always check the URL of the PancakeSwap site you are accessing - the correct one is

There are many fake sites that look exactly the same as PancakeSwap’s official site.

4. Don't promote other projects / tokens

PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange, any project team can list their token on PancakeSwap if they wish to.

5. FUD is highly discouraged

We encourage constructive feedback. However, destructive comments that instil fear, uncertainty, and doubt are highly discouraged and can result in you being muted or in more severe cases, banned.

6. Respect others

This is a forum for respectful communication. Verbal abuse, rudeness and posting pointless messages repeatedly are not allowed.

7. Choose the Category carefully

Choose the appropriate Category for your topic. If you keep posting your topics in the wrong Category, you will be warned.

8. Instant ban actions

You will be banned immediately without warning in the following cases:

Asking money from others / promoting other projects / promoting your group, social media accounts, etc. / posting suspicious links / asking others to contact you in private message / bot-like posting