Enable BOXY/DEXE (0.01% fee tier) v3 gauge on BNB chain


Proposal to enable BOXY/DEXE (0.01% fee tier) v3 gauge on BNB chain


Boxy was started as a DAO, a fair and decentralized community. All decisions are made in the DAO. Now, after the partnership with HOT, which was strategically decided by the will of the DAO, Boxy’s mission is to manage the incentives, token and Treasury, and to popularize the onchain adopting on BNBchain among humanity and for the benefit of the community.


1.[Boost Multiplier and Emission Cap % ] :1.00x boost multiplier and 0.5% emission cap
2.Audits: [(DeXe-Protocol/audits at master · dexe-network/DeXe-Protocol · GitHub)
3. Token Utility:
(1)Governance: BOXY token holders can vote on protocol’s governance decisions.
(2)Protocol Incentivization: Users can earn BOXY tokens as rewards when they playing in BOXY App.
(3)Voting gauge: users can lock their BOXY tokens and vote for any decisions and the future of the HOT BOXY project
(4)Fee sharing: Users who lock their BOXY will also be eligible for fee sharing from BOXY App.

  1. nope

  2. Oracles: no oracles are used for the token

  3. Control/Vault strategy: Token is issued and managed by the BOXY DAO (DeXe DAO Studio). Currently, ~85% of supply are stored in the DAO’s Treasury, and ~15% are circulating. The quorum for any on-chain decision-making is 5% (1/3 of the circulating tokens). There are 2500+ holders and DAO members

  4. Merit: We have now officially partnered with the HOT App project and are preparing to work with a 14+ million audience. To do this we need to add Routing to our BOXY/DEXE trading pair. So that as many users as possible will be able to trade BOXY with Pancake Swap.

  5. Not applicable. BOXY DAO’s vault details are described in the point 6


  1. Token Contract: BOXY (BOXY) Token Tracker | BscScan

  2. Pair Contract: PancakeV3Pool | Address 0xe2cb548594fb8fbcf04b8efddfb2efab1ba5a6e7 | BscScan

  3. Website: https://boxy.lol/

  4. Other Social media:

    Telegram: Contact @hotboxy

    Telegram: Contact @hotboxy_chat


  5. Documentation:
    Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Governance: DeXe DAO Studio

Treasury: ProtectedPublicBeaconProxy | Address 0x927980153ef1743a3e9f3549eb307e06c74b5571 | BscScan

Our LP Locked on Unicrypt:


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