Enable BLB/WETH (1% fee tier) V3 Gauge on Ethereum


Proposal to enable BLB/WETH 1% fee tier V3 gauge on Ethereum.


BLB is Blueberry DAO’s governance token. Blueberry is a leveraged farming protocol allowing users up to 25x leverage on select DeFi strategies. We intend to incentivize this pool as it’s our primary DEX liquidity venue.


  1. Boost Multiplier and Emission Cap % : 1.00x Boost Multiplier and 0.5% Emission Cap

  2. Audits: GitHub - Blueberryfi/audits Audits | Blueberry Product Docs

  3. Token Utility:
    a. Staking: Users can stake their BLB tokens for bdBLB
    b. Future Governance voting: Users that hold BLB will be able to vote in governance proposals
    c. Future Gauge voting: Users will be able to vote on the direction of emissions in the protocol to specific interactions.

  4. Oracles: In the protocol we utilize Chainlink price feeds for all assets.

  5. Control: 3/5

  6. Merit: We will be bribing this market for incentives on this pool. All of our dex liquidity is on Pancakeswap so all trading activity occurs here.

  7. Vault Strategy: Bril with Yield IQ Overview | Docs V.1


  1. Token address - BlueberryToken | Address 0x904f36d74bED2Ef2729Eaa1c7A5B70dEA2966a02 | Etherscan
  2. Liquidity pool address - PancakeV3Pool | Address 0x6FD5029Ba47BA8dBee130DA71e2546b5c96b4B12 | Etherscan
  3. Position manager vault address - 0x0414055f84Cb5510C3ADaff7a9f98E401159E0Ab
  4. Website - https://blueberry.garden
  5. Socials - https://x.com/blueberryFDN Blueberry Protocol
  6. Documentation - https://docs.blueberry.garden/

Github - Blueberry Finance · GitHub

Thank you for your application! The Kitchen has enabled the BLB/WETH (1% fee tier) V3 gauge on Ethereum with 1x boost multiplier and 0.5% emissions cap.