Enable XRGB/BNB (1% fee tier) V3 gauge on BNB Chain

Overview: The XRGB project is dedicated to enhancing the liquidity and utility of assets within the BTC ecosystem. It aims to enable a wide range of applications including DeFi scenarios, social finance (SocialFi) use cases, various staking rewards, and more. Our vision is to provide a comprehensive, one-stop service for users in the BTC ecosystem, facilitating seamless interactions and transactions, fostering a vibrant and integrated financial environment, and unlocking the full potential of digital assets within the Bitcoin framework.

Information: X404 is a brand-new NFT protocol based on the XRGB interoperability protocol and the ERC404 protocol. For the first time, it converts ERC721 and ERC1155 assets into multi-chain ERC404 assets, significantly enhancing the liquidity and transactional properties of NFTs.

Intention: We plan to bribe $2k per epoch (14 days)

1%Boost Multiplier and Emission Cap 0.5%
Audit: it’s in progress and will be completed in 2 weeks
Token Utility: Staking and Staking Rewards: Vaults and Relayers play crucial roles in the XRGB protocol, ensuring its security and decentralization. To become a Vault and Relayer, one needs to stake XRGB tokens and receive XRGB rewards.

Governance voting, protocol upgrades, and governance on the XRGB chain, such as Vault staking parameters, chain consensus parameters, chain upgrades, and Slashing can all be voted on with XRGB.

Fee discounts: Users holding XRGB NFTs can receive lower Gas Fees and specific governance rights in certain scenarios.

Gas Fee Payment: On the XRGB chain, users can use BTC or XRGB tokens as Gas Fees.

Merit: Bribing for XRGB liquidity will help to bring more volume, TVL, users, and fees to PancakeSwap

Control : CEO AND CTO signers needed for transactions
Token address: 0x5cc5e64ab764a0f1e97f23984e20fd4528356a6a
Liquidity pool address: XRGB-ETH

: PancakeV3Pool | Address 0x9a5936bab8f9ae1d89da5fa95c484f7ad597c8c0 | BscScan
Telegram:Telegram: Contact @xrgbchain_official
Medium:XRGB – Medium
GitHub:XRGB · GitHub

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For clarity, XRGB would also like to apply for an XRGB-ETH (1%) gauge on Ethereum with the same gauge characteristics as listed above

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Thank you for your application! The Kitchen has enabled both the XRGB/ETH (1% fee tier) V3 gauge on Ethereum and the XRGB/BNB (1% fee tier) V3 gauge on BNB Chain, both with 1x boost multiplier and 1% emissions cap.

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