Enable rBNB-BNB (0.01% fee tier) V3 gauge on BNB Chain


StaFi protocol requests a gauge whitelist for the pool rBNB/BNB 0.01% tier on BNB Chain, which will help kickstart the integration and migration of the StaFi Protocol’s rBNB/BNB Liquidity to Pancakeswap Liquidity to contribute to the protocol.


StaFi protocol is one of the first decentralized protocol unlocking liquidity of Staked assets.StaFi aims to solve the contradiction between Mainnet security and token liquidity in PoS consensus. The token holders are staking through staking contracts built in StaFi protocol, and then get alternative tokens(rToken - such as rETH,rMATIC,rATOM,rDOT,rSOL,rBNB.), rTokens are tradable and it can get staking rewards from the original chain at the same time to achieve the maximum yield.

StaFi Protocol’s proposal would be focusing on rBNB as we would like to migrate the majority of our liquidity from another DEX to PancakeSwap. As we all know that being with Pancakeswap would be much easier for users and our protocol would contribute to Pancakeswap ecosystem through constant bribing and fees generated with our pool. StaFi Protocol would be asking for a gauge whitelist for the rBNB/BNB pool (0.01%) on BNB Chain.

Should the gauge be added, veCAKE holders will benefit from it, and the protocol will use veCAKE vote incentives and bribing to Pancakeswap Meta Governance Grantee - Cakepie to deepen the pool’s liquidity.


  1. Boost Multiplier and Emission Cap %: 1.00x boost multiplier and 5% emission cap

  2. Token Utility: rBNB is one of the main liquid staked derivative tokens of StaFi Protocol

  3. Volatility: No volatility

  4. Oracles: No oracles are involved yet, but we would like to integrate oracles at future for collateral purposes

  5. Control: Only core team members of StaFi Protocol can execute proposals.

On BNB chain:

rBNB - 0xF027E525D491ef6ffCC478555FBb3CFabB3406a6

Deployer - 0x63DA51fc3bA519B50A8788a714d65FaBd47ab292

  1. Merit: Should the gauge be added, veCAKE holders will benefit from it, and the protocol will use veCAKE vote incentives to deepen the pool’s liquidity and as well as bribing with Pancakeswap Meta Governance Grantee - Cakepie.


  1. Token addresses:
  • rBNB - 0xF027E525D491ef6ffCC478555FBb3CFabB3406a6
  1. Liquidity pool address: 0x86F72Fc049F40E0E65DF9a78fE15f1AF0Cbce55c

  2. Website: https://stafi.io/

  3. Socials:

  1. Documentation:
  1. Github:
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New pool addr: 0x5b46fC8392cDEd6A91A79d85eFabFD51C7956cA0; (fee: 0.01%)

Thank you for your application! The Kitchen has enabled the rBNB-BNB (0.01% fee tier) V3 gauge on BNB Chain with 1x boost multiplier and 2% emissions cap.