Enable USDT/GTAI (0.25% fee tier) V3 gauge on BNB Chain

Web 3.0 non-custodial crypto investment protocol with access to CeFi, DeFi, and NFT markets.
AI execution technology.

Track record & Performance

  • The product is live
  • $950K+ has been generated in revenue
  • 75K+ registered users
  • Users have left 8K+ positive reviews on CoinPayments
  • the project is an authorized broker of Binance (OKX, Huobi, Gate are on the waiting list)
  • incubated by ChainGPT
  • partnership with TRON

Blockchain AI Execution Technology:
AI conversational interface makes Web3 and crypto investments accessible to Web2 users, while also improving the UI/UX experience for professional Web3 users:

  • AI buy/sell/swap/trade commands execution
  • AI portfolio management
  • AI-powered automated trading
  • A deep AI off-chain and on-chain market analysis
  • AI trading signals
  • AI arbitrage trading
  • AI NFT management
  • AI-powered Web3 onboarding and educaiton

API&SDK enables 3rd party Web2 and Web3 platforms to integrate GT AI Execution technology and GT Web3.0 investment marketplace, into their interfaces.

  • GT AI could be connected to vendors’ apps, providing AI assistance and making apps’ functionalities accessible to users through an AI interface.
  • It can also provide users with functionality for crypto investment in CeFi, DeFi, NFTs, AI trading, AI crypto market analysis, and many other features.

The gateway to the world of crypto trading&investing:

  • CeFi, DeFi, NFT non-custodial crypto investment marketplace for investors
  • Web3.0 non-custody investment protocol for funds managers
  • AI&Algo trading instruments for traders

Enable GTAI/USDT (0.25% fee tier) V3 gauge on BNB Chain

A brief overview of the proposal’s key points

This proposal introduces a new farming pool for the USDT-GTAI pair, aimed at increasing liquidity and incentivizing long-term holding. The key points include:

  • Launching a high-yield farming pool for USDT-GTAI.
  • Implementing a tiered rewards system to benefit long-term liquidity providers.
  • Enhancing the overall platform stability and attractiveness to new users.
  • This initiative is expected to bolster the ecosystem’s growth and provide more value to the PancakeSwap community.

We intend to bribe $15k GTAI over the current and next epoch (1 epoch = 2 weeks), and potentially scale up the bribes if the results are positive.

Boost Multiplier and Emission Cap 1.00x boost multiplier and 5% emission cap

Certik Audit + KYC

Token Utility:

  • Purchase special GT NFT passes, which grant you 0% fee access to GT products.
  • Profit Fee Discounts
  • Transational & Trading fee Discounts
  • Charging fees for API&SDK installation, subscription, and transactional operations
  • Web3 Funds Creation and Listing Fees: Implementing fees for creating Web3 funds and listing them in the marketplace
  • Cashback Payouts: Cashback payouts in $GTAI tokens when using AI shopping assistance
  • Eligibility for DAO Voting: Granting eligibility to participate in DAO votings
  • Holding $GTAI tokens allows you to participate in GT DAO governance votes, influencing the future strategy and development of the GT ecosystem.
  • Stake $GTAI tokens to earn staking rewards.
  • Earn $GTAI tokens by providing your account data for GT AI model learning while using the GT App and GT products.
  • By being an active member of the GT Community, you can earn $GTAI tokens by taking part in our marketing contests and trading competitions.

GTAI is not a pegged token.




The proposed introduction of a new staking pool for the GTAI token aims to deliver multiple benefits to PancakeSwap, including:

  • Increased Platform Fees: By attracting more liquidity to the new staking pool, we anticipate a significant uptick in transaction volumes. This increase in transactions will directly boost the fees collected by PancakeSwap, enhancing revenue streams and contributing to the platform’s financial health.
  • Marketing and Visibility: The launch of this innovative staking pool will be accompanied by a targeted marketing campaign, leveraging social media, influencer partnerships, and community events. This will not only increase awareness of PancakeSwap but also position it as a leading DeFi platform that continuously innovates, attracting new users and retaining existing ones.
  • User Growth: By offering competitive rewards for staking, we expect to see a surge in new users joining PancakeSwap to take advantage of the pool. This growth in the user base will further solidify PancakeSwap’s position in the market and create a more vibrant, active community.
  • Enhanced User Engagement: The tiered rewards system proposed will encourage users to engage more deeply with the PancakeSwap ecosystem, promoting longer-term investments and increasing the overall stickiness of the platform.

Overall, this proposal is designed to create a win-win situation for PancakeSwap and its users, driving the platform’s growth while offering attractive returns to participants.


Token address

Liquidity pool address

V2: https://bscscan.com/address/0xab1e062ab03b11ff7dd943c50b9aa2bf9933c1f3
V3 https://bscscan.com/address/0xb24cd29e32facddf9e73831d5cd1ffcd1e535423





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Thank you for your application! The Kitchen has enabled the USDT/GTAI (0.25% fee tier) V3 gauge on BNB Chain with 1x boost multiplier and 0.5% emissions cap.

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