Enable MGP/WETH V2 gauge on Arbitrum


Proposal to enable MGP/WETH V2 gauge on Arbitrum


MGP is the governance and revenue-sharing token of Magpie. MGP provides users with the opportunity to participate in the platform’s decision making while earning passive income derived from all SubDAOs within the Magpie ecosystem at the same time.

Aligned with our goal of building robust liquidity for the MGP-WETH pair on Arbitrum, Magpie is committed to incentivizing the pair through the Cakepie bribery market. We plan to distribute incentives to voters each epoch, aiming to maintain a competitive APR for MGP-WETH liquidity providers and encouraging long-term participation. Magpie looks forward to leveraging the services provided by PancakeSwap and Cakepie, promoting sustainable growth for all parties involved.


Boost Multiplier and Emission Cap %: 1.00x boost multiplier and 1% emission cap


Peckshield Report on v1

Peckshield Report on v1.1

Zokyo Audit Report:

Token Utility: MGP can be used within Magpie to earn revenue share from the Magpie ecosystem and participate in voting processes from Magpie.

Volatility: Not a pegged asset

Oracles: No oracles used

Control: The private keys to the contract are controlled by the following 3/6 multisig 0xf433c2A2D6FACeCDd9Edd7B8cE9cEaaB96F41866, where transactions require validation from 3 out of 6 signers.

Merit: TVL, bribes for voters via Cakepie, trading fees, volume


Token address:

Liquidity pool address: Pancake LPs (Cake-LP) Token Tracker | Arbiscan

Website: Magpie XYZ


X: https://twitter.com/magpiexyz_io

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @magpiexyz_official

Documentation: https://docs.magpiexyz.io/

Github: magpiexyz · GitHub

Any other relevant links: https://blog.magpiexyz.io/


Hi @Cakepie,

Thanks for reaching out. We’ll process your gauge application and update in our TG group shortly.