Enable DSC/USDT (0.25% fee tier) V3 gauge on BNB Chain


Distributed Super Computing (DSC) is a distributed AI computing power service platform, dedicated to connecting global users’ distributed computing resources to support innovation and application in artificial intelligence technology. DSC provides efficient access to and utilization of global computing resources through its unique decentralized structure, offering scheduling and distribution of computing power resources and motivating users and products.


DSC is the governance token of Dsitributed Super Computing platfrom.


  1. Boost Multiplier 1.00x and Emission Cap 0.5%
  2. Audits: DSC Audit
  3. Token Utility: Stake, developer and servicer provider fee, paying computing power usage fee, TG Bot consumtion
  4. Merit: We will provide bribes to users who vote for this pool and DSC will rewards users who provide liquidity to this pool. And all DSC users (currently with a 35k + users address will hopefully be able to onboard on Pancake here for DSC)


  1. Token address: 0xa86a86B8ACDC55812bec2971a2fc8a989455858c
  2. Liquidity pool address: PancakeSwap
  3. Website: https://dsclab.io/
  4. Socials: x.com
  5. Documentation: DocSend

Hey DSC Labs,

Thank you for submitting the gauge application. We deeply appreciate the time and effort you put into this.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t approve your application at this moment. However, we are keen to re-evaluate your application once DSC gains more traction. We look forward to your application in the near future!