Question about tokenomics

Hello, i have question. Last couple weeks cake showen deflationary on cmc and everday couple hundred cake less. Now all off sudder about 6 miljon more cake how come. Is cmc bad info. About circulating supply. Or i miss something where Come such huge emission from. I have been screening this supply couple off weeks and was proud to see supply go down. So really dissapointed when i saw this about 6 millions cake added in circulation. How does this work anyway. Because i think its just cmc info is off or something but still like to know how we see if cake is deflationatory now. With actual data. Not just the calculations theorie. Thanks in advance for any reply from the kitchen


Hi sir!

Take into account that:

  • Total supply is how much CAKE was minted minus how much was burned. It is currently at approximately 386M(approx.).

  • Circulating supply is the total supply minus the amount of locked CAKE. We have now 149M(approx.) CAKE loked. So Circulating supply now is 386M - 149M = 237M (approx.)

  • Max supply is the maximum amount of CAKE that can exist forever and if the emission becomes positive. Now it is set as 450M.

Sometimes the circulating supply increases even when there is negative emission(deflation - more burn than mint) because it involves unlocking CAKE tokens. But when CAKE is locked the circulation decreases.

It is important to note that we have been deflationary since September. This means that the total supply has been decreasing since then.

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Well what i followed was the totalsupply on CMC. Wich was declining i took screens everytime. To make some cake marketing to people (free off charge lol) , too show deflation. It was on 385 mil. All off a sudden last week it was on 391. But i see now its back to 385. However still strange that it went to 391 again. Amd then dropped 6 mil since my question.

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there is this weekly increasing variation before burning. Why issuance varies according to blocks and other onchain systems. And the burn is on Mondays, so it is emitted and on Monday it burns, returning the supply to below where it started the other week.

That’s why the deflation report is done monthly because extending the time in the month makes it much easier to see and calculate the movement.

I send you two monthly and weekly graphs:

For you to follow this complete data the best is here:


Thnks for your explaining. I really trust all is good. Just wanted the explanation, as you said discrepancy with monthly reports. Is enough for me. I know and trust pcs off course. Otherwise greater minds would have seen something is of. For me was more of question why sometimes circ. Supply gowing down and then up. But you explained well as always thanks for that. Now we wait to make some sameor better moves as uni is doing these days. Anyway thanks for your explaining. I wish all pcs kitchen and team well hope you got something good cooking. The hodlers are waiting for it. So we can once again reach great hights!!