Lista DAO IFO Discussion Thread

Hey everyone, we are proposing to host an IFO for Lista DAO, please find the details below. The vote proposal is live - voting will start on 28 May 2024, 1200 UTC and will last for 72 hours.


  • Lista DAO is a liquid staking and decentralized stablecoin protocol

  • Users can liquid stake their BNB to receive slisBNB, and borrow lisUSD against accepted collateral assets

  • PancakeSquad NFT holders and point holders (≥ 1500 points) are eligible for the Private Sale with 10% allocation, while the remaining 90% will be open to a Public Sale

  • 0% participation fee for both the Public Sale and Private Sale

IFO and Vote Proposal Timeline

  • IFO Proposal Posted: 27 May 2024, 1200 UTC

  • Voting Starts: 28 May 2024, 1200 UTC

  • Voting Ends: 31 May 2024, 1200 UTC

  • IFO Sale: June 2024

Between publication and the start of voting, please comment under the Forum Topic if you have any questions, or would like to join the discussions.

The IFO Sale will happen in June 2024 – for compliance with other stakeholders involved in the LISTA IFO launch, we will communicate the timeline when the information can be made public.

A Note for Future IFOs:

Previously, IFO Vote Proposals were published to ensure we could seek the community’s decision on allocating precious CAKE towards the initial farms.

Moving forward, as we will be using CAKE from our Kitchen-discretionary CAKE emissions and Kitchen admin votes for these initial farms, we will be transitioning the IFO Vote Proposal to a discussion instead, and announce IFO details for discussion on our PancakeSwap Forum.

At a higher level, due to the evolving operational requirements of a launchpad, this format will enable us to continue to launch high-quality projects while involving our community in the process.

What is Lista DAO?

Lista DAO is both a liquid staking and decentralized stablecoin protocol.

Liquid staking: Lista DAO previously merged with Synclub to now offer BNB liquid staking in the form of slisBNB, which is their yield bearing and liquid staking token (LST). Users can stake their BNB with Lista DAO to contribute to BNB Chain’s security, while passively earning staking rewards on their slisBNB token, and being free to use it on other DeFi platforms.

Decentralized stablecoin: Lista DAO uses and expands on the MakerDAO model for a decentralized stablecoin, lisUSD, also known as a destablecoin. It allows users to deposit accepted collateral assets (e.g. BNB, ETH, slisBNB, wBETH, etc.) and borrow lisUSD.

Destablecoin refers to decentralized stablecoin - it does not signify price volatility the way assets such as BTC experience. Instead, destablecoins utilize decentralized crypto assets as collateral and do not aim to achieve absolute price stability with fiat-based currencies such as USD.

While destablecoins are not fully volatile assets, it will allow for some price fluctuations as regular fiat-currencies would experience with varying reference rates and interest rate parities as defined by the open market.

What is LISTA?

LISTA is Lista DAO’s governance token and has the following utility:

  • Governance: Vote on protocol’s governance decisions

  • Protocol incentivization: Earn LISTA tokens as rewards when borrowing lisUSD against collateral or liquidity farming in lisUSD and slisBNB pools

  • Voting gauge: Lock LISTA tokens as veLISTA to enhance emissions to specific collateral assets and liquidity pools

  • Fee sharing: Lock LISTA tokens as veLISTA to be eligible for fee sharing

LISTA Token Distribution

If any of the terms are unclear, please ask our community ambassadors, comment in this Forum Topic, or read this article on vesting.

IFO Sale Details

  • Tentative sale date: June 2024

  • Amount to be raised: USD $100,000 in CAKE tokens

  • Tokens to be sold: 5,000,000 LISTA (0.5% of LISTA total supply)

  • Price per token: 1 LISTA = $0.02 USD

  • Token Vesting Schedule: 100% unlocked at TGE

All CAKE raised from the LISTA token sale will be given to the IFO project

Method: Public Sale and Private Sale (both conducted via the Overflow method)

What is the “Overflow” sale method?

In the “Overflow” sale method, the more funds a user commits, the more IFO tokens they will get, and they’ll get back any unspent funds. Users can commit as much as they want to the IFO, and their final allocation will be based on the proportion of their committed funds versus the total pool of committed funds when the IFO Sale ends. Users will get back any leftover funds when they claim their tokens after the Sale.

To participate in the IFO:

How to participate in the Private Sale

BOTH PancakeSquad NFT holders and point holders will get to participate in this IFO’s Private Sale.

To participate in the IFO, you can either

Do not have enough points to join the Private Sale? Don’t worry! You can grab your Pancake Squad NFT here to gain access to the IFO Private Sale.

To check the number of points you have, perform the following steps:

  • Click on the wallet dropdown menu on PancakeSwap’s website

  • Go to your profile

  • Check the points that you have!

To make sure that your points record is the most up-to-date, please check if you have any unclaimed tokens from previous IFO/cIFO sales. Once you have successfully claimed those tokens, your points record will be updated!

How to participate in the Public Sale

Refer to the IFO participation guide.

iCAKE cannot be used to buy tokens in the IFO, so you would need a separate amount of CAKE to commit to the IFO.

For this IFO, we have decided on a 1x iCAKE:veCAKE Ratio to allow more users to participate meaningfully in the sale. In other words, for every veCAKE you have, you’re able to commit up to that amount; if you have 1,000 veCAKE, you’ll be able to commit up to 1,000 CAKE in the IFO.

The iCAKE Ratio is a multiplier applied on a user’s veCAKE value, to arrive at the iCAKE value. Please refer to our Documentation for more details.

An Explainer: What are the 2 different sale sessions?

Private Sale ($10,000, 10% of Sale allocation)

For the Private Sale, participants are required to:

For this Private Sale, the maximum amount of funds that can be committed per user is $200.

The final allocation you receive will still be subject to the total amount raised in this session.

Public Sale ($90,000, 90% of Sale Allocation)

As the name suggests, the Public Sale is open to all. Your iCAKE value will determine how much funds you can commit to the Sale.

Participation Fee

In both the Public Sale and Private Sale, the participation fee is set at 0%. No fees will be applied on a user’s committed CAKE or collected from the project.

To learn more, visit the project’s official channels:

:warning::warning::warning:BEWARE OF FOOD POISONING​:warning::warning::warning:

LISTA Official Token Contract Address: Lista DAO (LISTA) Token Tracker | BscScan

:rotating_light:PLEASE NOTE: LISTA tokens will not be available for trading before or during the IFO!:rotating_light:

Any other LISTA token will be a scam and will result in financial loss. Always verify the token address before buying tokens.

Disclaimer - All projects are subject to high market risk and volatility. Please do your own research and buy with caution. PancakeSwap will not be held responsible for any investment losses.


The IFO is great but I think the private allocation is really too low. As a Squad holders I’m waiting for an IFO like this from years and I’ve participated in IFOs before which resulted in being really bad (with pretty big losses) having 20% allocation for private sale most of the times.
Now that we have a good IFO we see not only reduced the percentage to 10% but also shared with point holders. I’m also eligible with points of course but I still think is fair to assign 15% for squads and 5% for points with a total allocation for private sale of 20%. Of course 20% will not be shared proportionally as I said but at least it would be much more fair than the proposal.
For the next IFOs not only I would “divide” the allocations between squads holders and point holders (15-5), but I would also introduce a boost on personal allocation based on Squad + Points, which of course would mean a technical review of the code, but that would be quite cool and really fair for the community.
Thanks for the attention,

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