Enable XCAD/USDT (0.25% fee tier) V3 gauge on OPBNB


XCAD Network is a Creator Token and NFT platform for content creators. XCAD Network has YouTubers with over 750m subscribers issuing Creator Tokens. The XCAD platform now operates on OP BNB.


XCAD Network is expanding to OPBNB, We want to encourage the PCS and XCAD community to add LP. Users will buy XCAD from PCS as only current place that supports OPBNB XCAD Trading, OP BNB XCAD is required to use the product.

  1. [Boost Multiplier and Emission Cap % ] 1.00x boost multiplier and 0.5% emission cap
  2. Audits: Token is from official. BNB Bridge - opBNB Bridge - Transfer Tokens between BSC & opBNB
  3. Token Utility: Stake to get access to creator token offerings, used to buy creator tokens on the market.
  4. Volatility: Medium-High. Additional liquidity will lower our volatility over time.
  5. Oracles: No oracles involved.
  6. Control: The token contract is immutable and no party can change any aspect of it.
  7. Merit: Volume for Pancakeswap’s XCAD-USDT pool will increase as a result of having deeper liquidity, XCADs main application now operates on OPBNB so users will need somewhere to purchase OP BNB XCAD. XCAD Will bribe on this pool and use their VeCake to vote.


  1. Token address - opBNB Token 0xaf9fe3b5ccdae78188b1f8b9a49da7ae9510f151 - opBNBScan
  2. Liquidity pool address - opBNB Address 0x39672649f854deac35175137d182ef72f26a7b04 - opBNBScan
  3. Website - www.xcadnetwork.com
  4. Social - https://twitter.com/XcademyOfficial
  5. Documentation - What is XCAD Network? | English | XCAD Network Public Documentation
  6. Github - https://github.com/xcad-network/

Thank you for your application! The Kitchen has enabled the XCAD/USDT (0.25% fee tier) V3 gauge on opBNB with 1x boost multiplier and 2% emissions cap.