Enable USDT/DECHAT (0.25% fee tier) V3 gauge on BNB Chain


  • Dechat uses Al powered modules to create cross communication social experiences through the native AICHAT protocol that blends the world of Al and SocialFi. Users can chat, discover and transact assets seamlessly within all applications fully automated by Al.



We intend to bribe $1k $DECHAT over the current and next epoch (1 epoch = 2 weeks), and potentially scale up the bribes if the results are positive.


This proposal introduces a new farming pool for the USDT-DECHAT pair, aimed at increasing liquidity and incentivizing long-term holding. The key points include:

Launching a high-yield farming pool for USDT-DECHAT.
Implementing a tiered rewards system to benefit long-term liquidity providers.
Enhancing the overall platform stability and attractiveness to new users.
This initiative is expected to bolster the ecosystem’s growth and provide more value to the PancakeSwap community.


  1. **[Boost Multiplier and Emission Cap % ]
    Boost Multiplier and Emission Cap 1.00x boost multiplier and 5% emission cap

  2. Audits: https://www.beosin.com/audits/DECHAT_202312291416.pdf

  3. Token Utility:
    Dao governance
    1.Holders of $DECHAT can get votes to determine the future development and major decisions of Dechat DAO.
    2.Privileged access.
    3.Create spaces for socializing User and group management.
    4.claim airdop of projects token which cooperte with dechat.
    5.Spontaneously join dechat family to organize effective offline and online activities.

1.To open a live broadcast room and conduct live project explanations for the community, $DECHAT needs to be burned.
2.Opening a public meeting room requires burning $DECHAT tokens.
3.Dechat will build a decentralized protocol for socialfi. Third-party companies need to burn $DECHAT monthly to access the API.
4.Minging identity NFT.
5.Community official certification need burn $DECHAT.
6.Burn $DECHAT and pay USDT get crypto credit card,this cards can use in the world.

Staing $DECHAT to mining
Staking $DECHAT in dechat app,You can get a fixed annual income from financial management.

Super Node Mining

Dechat is a large decentralized social platform. At the same time, more community partners will be invited to join the node plan. Node incentives will be mining incentives based on contribution. A certain amount of $DECHAT will be pledged to obtain node qualifications. The responsibility of the node is to complete community expansion according to the indicators. The task goal of holding chat tokens and burning chat tokens with the community. Nodes that successfully complete the tasks will receive an annual 5% dividend incentive from the mining pool.

Chat to earn
1.Invite friends to join the ecosystem and hold $DECHAT , and you will receive $DECHAT incentives,There will be different mining incentives based on different levels of contribution.
2.Promote the dechat ecosystem, Invite web3.0 projects or ecology to join the community, and each will receive $DECHAT.
3.The more token incentives issued by the official certification project in the dechat ecosystem, at the same time, the project and the community participants of the project will also receive mining incentives.

  1. Volatility: $DECHAT is not a pegged token.
  2. Oracles: without
  3. Control: 0x8f8675df8b29807ca17b9e163c9eedb47f2ad6d1
  4. Merit:
    The proposed introduction of a new staking pool for the DECHAT token aims to deliver multiple benefits to PancakeSwap, including:

Increased Platform Fees: By attracting more liquidity to the new staking pool, we anticipate a significant uptick in transaction volumes. This increase in transactions will directly boost the fees collected by PancakeSwap, enhancing revenue streams and contributing to the platform’s financial health.

Marketing and Visibility: The launch of this innovative staking pool will be accompanied by a targeted marketing campaign, leveraging social media, influencer partnerships, and community events. This will not only increase awareness of PancakeSwap but also position it as a leading DeFi platform that continuously innovates, attracting new users and retaining existing ones.

User Growth: By offering competitive rewards for staking, we expect to see a surge in new users joining PancakeSwap to take advantage of the pool. This growth in the user base will further solidify PancakeSwap’s position in the market and create a more vibrant,active community.

Enhanced User Engagement: The tiered rewards system proposed will encourage users to engage more deeply with the PancakeSwap ecosystem, promoting longer-term investments and increasing the overall stickiness of the platform.
Overall, this proposal is designed to create a win-win situation for PancakeSwap and its users, driving the platform’s growth while offering attractive returns to participants.


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Okay, thanks for your submission – I believe we’re already in touch on Telegram

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Please whitelist DECHAT-USDT (1% fee tier) V3 gauge instead

LP Address: 0x1cf977828364c597a4a80779a3a5eb8fb673a845

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Thank you for your application! The Kitchen has enabled the DECHAT/USDT (1% fee tier) V3 gauge on BNB Chain with 1x boost multiplier and 1% emissions cap.

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the cap increased to 5%

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