Enable USDT/axlSTARS (1% Fee Tier) V3 Gauge on BNB Chain

Enable USDT/axlSTARS (1% Fee Tier) V3 Gauge on BNB Chain


Stargaze requests a gauge whitelist for the USDT/axlSTARS 1% tier on BNB Chain.


Stargaze is a community-owned app chain based on the Cosmos SDK that specializes in NFTs. It’s home to some of the most popular NFT collections in Cosmos like Bad Kids and Celestine Sloths.

It empowers creators, traders, and developers with on-chain royalties, zero gas fees for minting and trading, and additional yield from protocol fees for stakers of its native token $STARS. Stargaze is one of the most used NFT marketplaces, trackable on Cryptoslam and Dappradar.

The Stargaze community desires closer ties to the BNB community and seeks wider distribution of $STARS. This will be Stargaze’s first market outside the Cosmos ecosystem.

An incentivized AMA will launch this new market.


  1. Boost Multiplier and Emission Cap %:

    • 1.00x boost multiplier
    • 0.5% emission cap
  2. Audits:

  3. Token Utility:

    • Minting and trading NFTs in $STARS
    • Governance over the app chain
    • Native staking token to earn fees from the protocol
    • Liquid staking through Stride
    • Use as collateral on Ghost
  4. Oracles:

    • Currently no oracles. Skip’s Slinky oracle will be integrated in Q3.
  5. Control:

    • axlSTARS is a bridged token, and the Axelar bridge is decentralized.
  6. Merit:

    • As the first market outside of Cosmos for $STARS, this pool garners much interest from the Stargaze community.

    • PancakeSwap will gain new users, as many have not used the DEX before.

    • Stargaze will also host an incentivized AMA in the PancakeSwap Telegram group.


Thank you for your application! The Kitchen has enabled the USDT/axlSTARS (1% Fee Tier) V3 Gauge on BNB Chain with 1x boost multiplier and 0.5% emissions cap.

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