Enable RF/ETH (1% fee tier) V3 gauge on zkSync Era Chain


The protocol requests a gauge whitelist for pool, the RF/ETH 1% tier on zkSyncEra, which will help kickstart this integration of PancakeSwap liquidity in the overall liquidity of the project.


ReactorFusion is a native money market based on unique bribe-reward tokenomics. Combining battle-tested codebases and veDEX’s reward system, ReactorFusion paves the way for the safest, most logical and innovative approach to DeFi lending markets in the zkSync era and Telos ecosystem.

ReactorFusion strives to provide the most advantageous incentives for money markets and maintain the deepest liquidity within the ecosystem. In doing so, the platform aims to transform the decentralized financial landscape and provide users with a sophisticated lending and borrowing experience.

ReactorFusion would like to deploy its main liquidity to PancakeSwap and try to integrate ve bribe flywheel by asking for a gauge whitelist for the RF/ETH pool (1%) on zkSync.

Should the gauge be added, veCAKE holders will benefit from our RF bribes, and the protocol will use veCAKE vote incentives to deepen the pool’s liquidity.


  1. Boost Multiplier and Emission Cap % : 1.00x boost multiplier and 2% emission cap.
  2. Audits: publications/audit_reports/PeckShield-Audit-Report-ReactorFusion-v1.0.pdf at master · peckshield/publications · GitHub
  3. Token Utility: RF is the native token of the protocol and distributes protocol revenue to its stakers.
  4. Volatility: N/A
  5. Oracles: As a lending protocol, we currently use oracles only for the listed assets. (Chainlink and Pyth oracle for zkSync)
  6. Control: 0x99999A3C4cB8427c44294Ad36895b6a3A047060d
  7. Merit: The core of RF’s bribe flywheel system consistently provides bribes to liquidity pools through $RF. This allows the DEX protocol to attract more liquidity and provides LPs with excellent profit opportunities. In addition, the guaranteed ample bribe is also a significant advantage.


  1. Token addresses:
  • RF 0x5f7CBcb391d33988DAD74D6Fd683AadDA1123E4D
  1. Liquidity pool address:
  • RF-ETH 0xcC7BfD85395042EE0cACe335E40b549b3d08Eb78
  1. Website: https://reactorfusion.xyz
  2. Socials:
  1. Documentation:
  2. Github:
    ReactorFusion · GitHub
  3. Any other relevant links:

Thank you for your application! The Kitchen has enabled the RF/ETH (1% fee tier) V3 gauge on zkSync with 1x boost multiplier and 0.5% emissions cap.

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