Enable HTD/USDT (0.05% fee tier) V3 gauge on BNB Chain


HTD token (HeroesTD token) is the main token of HeroesTD GameFi project. After 2 years of developing, HeroesTD project has reached the maturity stage to launch on a massive scale. As a result, we are looking to expand our liquidity on Pancakeswap to increase the project visibility, liquidity usage, and reach more customers.


HeroesTD is a Play and Earn GameFi Tower Defense Game project. HeroesTD has been launched since 2021, and the product are being developed since then. Recently HeroesTD product have finally reached the stage where it is fully equipped as a Tower Defense game with NFT and tokens: All features are available including: Campaign, PvP, Coop, Tower of Skills, Clan, Friends; Referral feature is soon released;…

HTD is the main token of HeroesTD project. Players can use HTD to create new NFTs (Summon), deposit NFT into game, participate in various exclusive ingame features such as Pros Mode, purchase Skins, purchase ingame items,… Players can also participate in the Ranking leaderboard and earn HTD based on the rank they reached each season.

HTD token is listed mainly on Pancakeswap, and upgraded to V3 recently at the end of 2023. Listing on Pancakeswap is one of the key target of HTD as it allows players to have a fully DEX experience: full control on their liquidity, participate in staking, farming, etc… With the addition of Gauge, we believe it will bring more value to the HTD holders as all the volume will go through it, and increase the liquidity pool value.


  1. Boost Multiplier and Emission Cap %: 1.00x boost multiplier and 5% emission cap
  2. Audits: Audit link
  3. Token Utility:
  • Summon and purchase new NFTs
  • Purchase exclusive memberships
  • Participate in exclusive play and earn game modes
  • Participate in new events such as: AI Hero concept, NFT creation,…
  • Voting for new events, features
  1. Volatility: HTD has increased its value for 300% recently when launching the mass campaigns, it will gradually reach the maturity and volatility will slowly decrease.
  2. Oracles: No Oracles protocol is used.
  3. Control: 0x9753D3e5B0eEc88B44A339A0EB459711C70dc81A - This is Cold Walletaddress
  4. Merit: If the Gauge is passed, all the trading volume will go through Pancakeswap V3 Liquidity, thus increase the LP usage on Pancakeswap. In addition, with the grow of HTD token during the massive scale campaign, we will also consider deploying more staking and farming on Pancakeswap to improve user experiences with Pancakeswap LP pool.


  1. Token address: 0x5E2689412Fae5c29BD575fbe1d5C1CD1e0622A8f
  2. Liquidity pool address: Liquidity Pool Address
  3. Website: HeroesTD Website
  4. Socials:
  1. Documentation: Gitbook Link
  2. Github: Link
  3. Any other relevant links:

Hey @heroestd, thank you for your application. Could you please change the Category to ‘Gauges’ for an accurate categorization? Not sure if you need to create a new Topic to make this change

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done sir! @heroestd I moved your topic to correct category

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Your application was not successful - the Kitchen would like to see more robust market and social metrics before whitelisting this gauge.