Enable AI-WBNB (.25% fee tier) V3 gauge on BNB Chain


Any Inu, as a pioneering Omnichain Dogcoin powered by Axelar’s Interchain Token Service, is looking to expand its liquidity strategy by integrating with PancakeSwap. Recognizing PancakeSwap’s unique features that promote efficient and deep liquidity, Any Inu is seeking to have a gauge whitelist for its inaugural pool, the AI/WBNB .25% tier on BSC. This initiative aims to integrate PancakeSwap’s liquidity capabilities into Any Inu’s overall liquidity framework. Upon approval of the gauge whitelist, the Any Inu community commits to incentivizing veCAKE voting, rewarding veCAKE voters who contribute to the pool’s liquidity growth.


Any Inu, a decentralized meme token, stands out for its unique approach to addressing common blockchain challenges. Central to its design is the commitment to a fixed supply, ensuring no duplication of tokens across various blockchain forks or when integrating improved layer 1 and layer 2 solutions. This approach effectively minimizes user fragmentation, a significant issue in traditional forking scenarios. At the heart of Any Inu is the unification of diverse blockchain communities, achieved by enabling operation across multiple chains with Axelar ITS technology. This fosters a united, collaborative environment where every chain’s community is interconnected, all under the umbrella of one token - Any Inu.

Available on 15 different chains, Any Inu has maintained a consistent liquidity above 6 figures (now nearly $1million) since the day after it’s inception. All of the initial LPs have been burned providing for long-term guarantees of redeemability. Part of it’s expansion strategy hinges on deepening the liquidity of the AI token, which is crucial for the project’s growth and stability.

Choosing PancakeSwap as a key element in its liquidity strategy, Any Inu values the following features of the DEX:

  • Cross-Chain Presence: PancakeSwap’s compatibility with multiple chains aligns with Any Inu’s omnichain nature.
  • v3 Concentrated Liquidity Mechanisms: Enhances the efficiency of liquidity provision, particularly beneficial for a volatile token like AI.
  • veTokenomics: Offers incentives and governance power to liquidity providers through the veCAKE system.

Any Inu has already established pools on several chains, and as a token with a significant presence on BSC (top 5 trending for several days), it seeks to kickstart its PancakeSwap integration with a gauge whitelist request for the AI/WBNB pool on BSC.

The addition of this gauge on PancakeSwap would be advantageous for veCAKE holders, as it is anticipated that a significant volume of AI transactions would occur through this pool, leveraging the efficiency of v3 pools. Furthermore, Any Inu plans to utilize veCAKE vote incentives to further enhance the liquidity depth of this pool.


  1. Boost Multiplier and Emission Cap %: 1.00x boost multiplier and 5% emission cap
  2. Audits: GitHub - axelarnetwork/audits: Axelar network audits (Interchain Token Service), Any Inu is Factory spec.
  3. Token Utility: Any Inu is the future of chain independent dog money
  4. Volatility: Any Inu is very volatile and has seen daily volumes in excess of $2.5 million across chains (peak $15m+), with over $1 million daily on BSC
  5. Oracles: No oracles are involved.
  6. Control: the contract is immutable and no centralised party can control it. The token is only mintable by the Axelar ITS bridge and wormhole bridge.
  7. Merit: Should the gauge be added, veCAKE holders will benefit from it as most of the volume of AI should go through the pool (since v3 pools are highly capital efficient), and the protocol will use veCAKE vote incentives to deepen the pool’s liquidity. Furthermore, if granted this opportunity, Any Inu will keep deploying their native liquidity pools on new chains (Linea) on PancakeSwap to make it the go to place to acquire AI. This consideration holds for existing chains PancakeSwap may introduce support for as well.


  1. Token address: 0x2598c30330D5771AE9F983979209486aE26dE875
  2. Liquidity pool address: [PancakeSwap]PancakeSwap
  3. Website: anyinu.xyz
  4. Socials:
  1. Documentation: technical → What are Interchain Tokens? | Axelar Documentation; More Any Inu specific documentation will be available at https://docs.anyinu.xyz
  2. Github: anyinu · GitHub
  3. Any other relevant links:

just to remind everyone that this ticker ‘AI’ is being used a lot. There are many projects with this ticker. So always double check which project you are referring to.

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EDIT: We’d like to enable the 1% fee tier v3 gauge instead because that is where the majority of our BSC liquidity is

Thank you for your application! The Kitchen has enabled the AI-WBNB (1% fee tier) V3 gauge on BNB Chain with 1x boost multiplier and 2% emissions cap.

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