Discussion for Proposal to Reduce CAKE Token Total Supply

It starts looking like you do not know what are you doing. The other projects are not touching their tokenomy that often. It sends bad signal to investors when you do a lot of changes. Calling this deflationary token and having total supply higher than actual will just cause another panic and frustration. Cut it now, set it to 388M and forget the total supply forever. It´s not something you want to update every year imo. Decrease rewards if you need more cake just stop minting, this is the only fix to what you did with “lock” as price plummeted and cake became pump and dump token. You lost serious investors and need to get them back… do not mean few whales but thousands of small investors trusting this project and the team. Even it looks as positive cutting supply by 300M I´m really worried what will be next. Affraid locking my tokens because of uncertainty in this project.